Notice for associations whose renewal application has been closed


You are already aware that this is the time for FCRA Renewal. Many organisations have renewed their FCRA for the next 5 years now. Today FCRA department has issued a notice (Copy attached) regarding the applications which were closed due to non submission or deficiency of documents. There are 1736 cases in total. Kindly check if your organization figures in this list then the remedial action would be to submit all required documents through designated mail id to by 8th November, 2016. Further there are 2 telephone numbers also provided 011-23438042/42 (9.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M).

Click to view the notice and list of closed organistions



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One thought on “Notice for associations whose renewal application has been closed

  1. Dear Sir / Madam
    Thanks for this information. I saw this list, our organisation’s name is not on the list of 1736 organisations. But yet we received an email from FCRA informing us that the competent authority has decided to refuse our application for renewal. And our bank has just informed us that they have frozen our account because we have not renewed our registration number by the 31t of October. If I go to the FCRA website, our institution is still classified as registered under FCRA. Any suggestions on what we should do.

    Thanks in advance


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