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Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF) is a Resource Organisation, which seeks to Promote Accountability. We at FMSF, believe that “Accountability” of  Development Organisations is of  paramount significance and therefore we strive to enhance the same through our various initiatives and activities. Our primary areas of intervention are Financial Management, Legal Compliance and Governance. Being an organisation involved in the area of education, we reach out to the various development actors to bring awareness and even provide hand holding support through seminars, workshops, advisory, publication and web-based outreach. Constant innovation through action research is one of our key activities. These innovations are translated into learning modules and  imparted to the development organisations to enhance accountability, transparency and thereby lead to development effectiveness.   


We aspire for a reality in development co-operation where there will be overall and wholistic accountability among all the constituencies


FMSF is a resource organization which seeks to promote accountability in South Asia by

  • Enhancing the capacity of partners and development stakeholders in Financial Management & Governance.
  • Advocating Social Accountability through networking and influencing policies.
  • Research & Information Dissemination
Core Values
  • Accountability  -  our accountability to the constituency we seek to serve.
  • Transparency   -   to be transparent in our actions.
  • Humaneness     -  accounting practices with a human touch.
  • Sensitivity     -   sensitive to development issues and programmes.
From the Desk of Executive Director 

Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with…. a Single step

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Well Wishers,

Welcome to FMSF!

Tracing back the fascinating journey of FMSF close to three decades is an arduous task. We had a very humble beginning with a limited mandate but a clear vision. The vision of putting the issue of “Accountability” in the center stage of development discourse. As I look back, largely we have been successful.

We were the pioneers in our work as we decided to go on a journey where none had gone before. So, we didn’t have a road map to follow. We, as they say “made the road by walking”.  Our journey can be divided into three clear segments. The first segment was the 1st decade, which can be termed as ‘Exploration”. In this period all our energy and effort were focused around creating frameworks, methodologies, implement action research, take partners on board and network with other actors to create the “wind for the sails”. We developed Financial Accountability Framework, Social Accountability Standards, Social Audit Tools and many such other innovative concepts and applications required for creating and demonstrating ‘Accountability’.

Then came the 2nd Decade. A decade of “Consolidation”. In this decade, we focused on digging deeper and work on ‘made easy’ models. The frameworks created in the 1st decade of our work was further developed and simplified. We also went with our tools to the farthest corners, to the weakest, smallest and the least of the actors. We focused on empowerment. Empowering the smaller development entities in order to build a vibrant social sector.

Now, we are in the 3rd Decade and our primary area of intervention is to respond to the changing realities by developing innovative models leveraging technological advancement. What worked yesterday does not work today and what is working today would not work tomorrow. So, basically, we are working on “Expansion” meaning, being future ready and making the sector future ready.

Being an Educational Institution, our focus has been on training and equipping. As we continue to do so, our core areas of intervention remain Financial Management, Governance and Compliances albeit in consonance with the rapidly changing realities our life and time.

We are a small team but our impact has been phenomenal as ‘Together We Matter’


Dr. Sanjay Patra
Executive Director
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