Major Achievements

Major achievements of FMSF:

FMSF partnered with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), a prestigious social work institute in India, to introduce the Diploma in Financial Management and Accountability (DFMA) in 2008, a specialized program exclusively designed to enhance the financial management skills of Non-profit organizations (NPOs).
FMSF established the “Forum for Ethics Accountability and Transparency” (FEAT), a pioneering network for auditors and finance consultants in 2003.
FMSF pioneered the establishment of the "NGO Accountants Network" (NAN) in 2003, creating a dedicated forum for accountants in NGOs to gather, collaborate, and exchange insights, fostering a supportive community for knowledge sharing and experience sharing.
 Conceived, created and promoted only of its kind dedicated thematic websites
The Flagbearer in setting Social Accountability Standards for NGOs in 2010, which aims to increase accountability and transparency in the sector. These standards offer guidelines for NPOs to operate responsibly and earn public trust.
FMSF launched its own mobile application in 2017 to expand its outreach and facilitate the dissemination of information.
Published first ever e-newsletter Standard & Norms (S&N) - a commentary on contemporary legal issue for NGOs
FMSF conducted comprehensive research on the voluntary sector, including a pioneering study on Social Audit. In 2006-07, it published a “Social Audit Toolkit” as a result of their research, which serves as a step-by-step guide for NPOs to conduct social audits for their projects and programs.
FMSF has played a key role in the Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) programme, a flagship initiative of the UK Government’s Department for Industrial Development (DFID), by providing financial monitoring and financial capacity-building services.
Over the years, FMSF has come out with 15 publications focussing on Financial Management, legal issues and Governance for NPOs
FMSF launched the insightful "Do You Know" series, a web-based publication designed to equip voluntary organizations with crucial legal and financial knowledge through fortnightly posts.
Conducted more than 700 workshops and training programs focussing on financial management, legal issues and governance of NGOs globally 
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