Financial Management Service Foundation is a development organization which promotes development effectiveness by:
Knowledge Corner
  • Volume XXIII - Issue 2
    Volume XXIII - Issue 2
    April 2024

    Key features in order to have a quick overview of the INTERface

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  • FCRA FAQ's
    Volume 17 - Issue 2
    July 2024

    FCRA FAQ's - Analysis of the FCRA Law on Administrative Expenses

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About Us

Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF) is a Resource Organisation, which seeks to Promote Accountability. We at FMSF, believe that “Accountability” of  Development Organisations is of  paramount significance and therefore we strive to enhance the same through our various initiatives and activities. Our primary areas of intervention are Financial Management, Legal Compliance and Governance. Being an organisation involved in the area of education, we reach out to the various development actors to bring awareness and even provide hand holding support through seminars, workshops, advisory,

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Earth Day Celebration 2024
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