Sheilding the MISSION
  • Author FMSF
  • Publisher Financial Management Service Foundation
  • Published Year 2024

FMSF, a prominent contributor within the literature dedicated specifically to non-profits, has consistently made efforts to produce high-quality content, with publications covering financial management, governance, and compliance gathering widespread recognition and usage.

While there exists an abundance of literature on risk management, it often fails to adequately address the uniqueneeds of NPOs. Therefore, as a resource organization, FMSF conducted extensive research on the subject. The insights and experiences gained are consolidatedin our latest publication. This book serves as a guide, offering fundamental guidelines and practical steps aimed at simplifying risk management principles, benefiting the social sector at large. Also, the book includes an Excel-based toolRisk Register” designed to specifically meet the distinct risk management goals, organizational structures, and operational environments of each NPO, enabling readers to practically implement and develop a risk management framework for their organization.

This publication is the result of collaborative efforts by the FMSF team, reflecting our commitment to providing valuable resources to the sector. We hope that this book will be widely circulated and serve as a valuable resource for the sector.


How to Order :

The cost of the book is Rs. 900 (inclusive of Shipping and Handling Charges)

The marketing rights of this book has been entrusted to CPA services Pvt Ltd.

You can place your order by clicking on the link:


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