FMSF possesses a core expertise in governance, providing organizations with valuable guidance and support in governance practices. It includes policy development, board training, governance reviews, and to establish robust governance frameworks. By leveraging extensive knowledge and experience, it empowers NPOs to enhance transparency, accountability, and sound decision-making processes, thereby strengthening their overall governance structures.


Setting up of Governance Process

FMSF also facilitates the process of setting up good governance systems by reviewing the existing governance practices and suggesting robust practices commensurate with the size and scale of the organization. This includes:

  • Developing Governance Manual
  • Developing Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Reviewing bye-laws
  • Streamlining Board Processes


Trainings / Workshops on Governance

FMSF offers a diverse range of trainings and workshops focused on good governance practices. The trainings are designed to empower organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of governance in the financial sector. It serves as a valuable resource to strengthen internal controls, and foster a culture of transparency and accountability within organizations                        


NPO Governance Tool Box Series

NPO Governance Tool Box Series is a humble effort in the direction of providing adequate literature that deals with governance related practical issues that we come across in our day to day functioning. FMSF initiated the Governance Tool Box Series in July 2012.  The series is circulated through mass mail as NPO Governance Tool Box Series, and contains a total of 32 issues that touches upon various aspects of governance of an organization. Each issue comes with a self assessment tool for NPOs to assess and address the critical areas.

Click here to view the published issues



FMSF has made significant contributions to the field of governance though its publications. These insightful works provide valuable insights and guidance on effective governance practices, fostering transparency, accountability, ethical decision making, and effective management to NPOs.

To know more on Governance we recommend reading our publications on Governance: 

  • Governance and Finance Handbook for NPOs – 5th Edition
  • Governance Tool Kit

To know more about the books and to order your copy please click here

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