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Do You Know released on The Central Government has specified the compounding limit for not publishing audited accounts on its web-site in contravention of section 19 & 37 and Rule 13(a).

Nov 21, 2022 Circulars & Notifications Attachment Link

As per the MHA notification dated 1st July 2022 [S.O. 3025(E)], the Central Government has specified the Offence, Penalty & Officer for compounding the offences under the FCRA, 2010. Details about one of the offence is given below:


Failure to place the audited accounts on its official web-site or web-site as specified by the Central Government within the prescribed time.


The person having FCRA registration or FCRA prior-permission and not uploaded the audited Balance Sheet, Receipts & Payment A/c and Income & Expenditure A/c on its official web-site within 9 months of the close of the respective financial year can apply for compounding of offence.


Ten Thousand  rupees for each violation.

Officer competent for compounding

Director, or as the case may be, the Deputy Secretary in-charge of the section responsible for the administration of the Act.

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