Financial Management Service Foundation is a development organization which promotes development effectiveness by:
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  • Volume XX - Issue 1
    Volume XX - Issue 1
    September 2020

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  • EGM & AGM through video conferencing
    Volume XIII - Issue 4
    July 2020

    This is the time for holding Board meetings and Annual General Meetings for organizations.We ...

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Financial Management Services (FMS) was established and started functioning since 1st January, 1995. Later, in the year 2000, FMS became Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF). Since then, we have been involved in building capacities of Development Organizations in the areas of Governance, Financial Management and Legal Compliances. We at FMSF, believe that “accountability” of development organizations is of paramount significance and therefore, we strive to enhance the same through our various initiatives and activities.

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Webinar on Deconstructing the Social Stock Exchange
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