Do You Know

Volume - 52
October 2022

Other documents to be kept and maintained under rule 17AA of Income Tax Rule, 1962

The rule 17AA has been inserted in Income Tax Rule, 1962 by GSR 622(E) dated 10-Aug-2022. As per the new rule, the following other documents to be kept and maintained by associations registered u/s 12A(1) or 10(23C):

  1. Record of all the projects & institutions run by association with their name, address & objectives;
  2. Record of income of the association during previous year;
  3. Record of application of income in India, outside India, deemed application, accumulated or set apart and investments or deposits;
  4. Record of application of income accumulated during past years in India, outside India, deemed application, accumulated or set apart and investments or deposits;
  5. Record of voluntary contribution made with a specific direction that they shall form part of Corpus;
  6. Record of Contribution received for the purpose of renovation or repair of temple, mosque, gurudwara , church or other
  7. Record of loans and borrowings;
  8. Record of properties held by associations;
  9. Record of specified persons u/s 13(3);
  10. Any other documents containing any other relevant information.
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