Do You Know

Volume - 57
December 2022

The Central Government has specified the compounding limit for not intimating about opening of utilization account  in contravention of sections 17, 19, 37 and rules 9(1)(e) & 9(2)(e)

As per the MHA notification dated 1st July 2022 [S.O. 3025(E)], the Central Government has specified the Offence, Penalty & Officer for compounding the offences under the FCRA, 2010. Details about one of the offence is given below:


Failure to intimate about opening of account or accounts within the prescribed time.


The person having FCRA registration or FCRA Prior-Permission and has opened more utilization accounts but not reported the same to MHA through Form FC-6D within 45 days can apply for compounding of offence.


Rupees Ten Thousand per Utilization Account.

Officer competent for compounding

Director, or as the case may be, the Deputy Secretary in-charge of the section responsible for the administration of the Act.


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