Standards & Norms

80G Issues
Volume 15 - Issue 2
May 2022

80G Issues - Overview of the Law Pertaining to Section 80G & Form 10BD and 10BE

The experts’ opinion and analysis of the complete aspects related to newly notified Forms 10BD and 10BE which is applicable to all the NPOs who has been granted certificate of registration under section 80G of the Income Tax Act has been gathered.

Based on the analysis we have come out with an e-communique on "80G Issues - Overview of the Law Pertaining to 80G and Form 10BD and 10BE".

Topics covered in this Issue are as follows:

- Summary of the new scheme of reporting under section 80G

- Requirement of statement of donation and certificate of donation

- Claim of 80G benefits

- Relevant Income Tax Rules and salient features of it

- Fees & penalty for the Non-Compliance

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